This is my wonderful family (minus our grandson)!

Our heritage has been traced through many,many generations back
to about 1363 in Ireland.

First Generation: Thomas Adair born in Ireland about 1680 married Margaret
Henert(?) had 3 sons, James Robert, Joseph Adair, Sr., William Adair. (all
children born in Ireland)

Second Generation: Joseph Adair, Sr. born 1711 in Ireland married Sarah
Laferty (born in S. C.)
They had a son named Benjamin, Sr., born 1736 in S. C.

Third Generation: Benjamin Adair married Nancy George and had a son named
Zadock Adair. He was born 1778 in S. C.

Fourth Generation: Zadock Adair married Sarah Wood in Kentucky about 1808
after the death of his first wife, Sarah Kelley. They had a son named Armel
F. Adair, born 1812 in Ky.

Fifth Generation: Armel Adair married Eliza Jane Craig in 1841 in Miss.
They had 3 children:
John C. Adair born 1845 in Ms., William Wesley Adair born 1847 Ms., and Mary
S. Pauline born in Texas (Houston County) in 1852.

Sixth Generation: William Wesley Adair married Almeda Watkins and they had
a son named Rial Armel Adair born 1870 in Henderson Co., Texas

Seventh Generation: Rial Armel Adair married Claudia Burgamy and they had 3
children. One son was named J. Purifoy Adair born in 1915 in Henderson Co.,

Eighth Generation: J. P. Adair married Bethel Clayton. They had 3 children.
One son was named Dwight Rial Adair born in 1950 in Texas.

He is happily married to Sandra Adair and they are enjoying their first grandson, Joel.

Look for more personal information about me soon!

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